MOTHER (The Masked Warrior)

The mother is a very important figure I have come to value.

I have seen many do so much and receive so less an honor that it breaks my heart. This content is not spiritualized but to show us a little about these gifts called mothers. Be inspired through this simple series


She grew up like everyone of us. I mean she was once a young ‘ambitious’ girl that had a dream of a bright future too. She also was zealous and had much hope like we all…
But today, I see her stand by the roadside peeking into car. I would have judged her immediately, but the car passed and drove off. She stood erect. I saw her eyes, it seemed like one who hadn’t seen sleep for days. But she had put up a facelift but I could see much more beyond it.

She did her business and when the day was dawning she went home. This was another thing entirely… There I saw who she was. They all lay peaceful on their beds. She kissed their foreheads, stood by their door and silently prayed that they never end up like her and that they succeed in this world. She goes to the living room and brings out the purse of money and poured all out on the table. As she counted these tear-coated currencies, she thought of everything… She wasn’t enjoying this. It wasn’t funny. People had called her names and even rained curses on her. She seemed as a bad seed to the society and disgrace to womanhood. But her boys must survive. They must never beg or be in need. They must go to school. They must have shelter over their heads. They must never see her weak.

Call her what you want. Call me what you want too. She is not hooker. She is a warrior, but this one is a bruised and masked one. I don’t know why I am writing it but I just know one thing: This picture I have painted may not be poetic or perfectly fit into place, but it does express one thing, I celebrate the gift of this heroine that God has given us.

She is a fighter who has sacrificed and is still ready to sacrifice anything to see her family enjoy what she can’t have.

It’s ironical, but that’s the heart of a warrior. She is a warrior, a masked warrior.

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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