Faith, a Personal Conviction

The Writings of James George

Good evening dear friend, it’s 9:32pm here in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. Tonight, this cold 23rd night of Dec. 2016, I want to share a short message which is also a testimony. I hope it inspires your faith to enter into God’s reality for you too.

You see, the issue of faith can never be over-emphasized and as much as I appreciate everyone’s view on faith, I’d like to say and believe that the value of our faith is basically based on individual convictions. These convictions, like us, cannot be the same. That’s why you’ll discover as recorded in God’s word, all heroes of faith and everyone who saw God’s power work by their faith didn’t do the same thing. Abraham’s faith operation or convictions were quite different from that of Moses, Daniel, Mary, The Roman Centurion whose servant the Lord Jesus healed, the woman with the issue of blood, Peter on the sea, Cornelius, Paul, etc
Yet, what unites us in faith is the direction. The validity of your faith is foundation: Where is it built on, the Word of an unfailing God or the pressures of present contradicting realities?
This, my friend is what determines whether your faith (remember I said, its your personal conviction) is productive or not. My conviction is what counts. Am I convinced that the One with whom I have to do is ABLE to do what He has said? This convictiom affects my attitude and causes me to take actions that may not be conventional but for sure will produce results.


I am a living witness that faith in the Lord’s ability really does work.
Some weeks back I went on a very long trip for my sister’s wedding. On this trip, I exhausted more than I had planned to spend and was left with nothing. I’d like you to know that when it seems you have lost everything else, don’t lose your conviction nor your confessions. I had made it known that I’d be leaving and returning home on Monday and that it was gonna be a faith trip. Well, they agreed but also presumed, because of financial constraint you may stay a day longer. I wouldn’t hear that. I kept to my word and made plans. I never stopped talking the word on Divine provision. A day to my trip the money was not complete. A mentor of mine called me that evening and blessed me with some amount. God had begun. It wasn’t all, but it had begun already and all I was doing was thanking God. You see, I was convinced the money would come because I need to be back to my service station to resume Kingdom service. Well on the day of the trip, that morning I got dressed before noon and got set like all was ready. Then another addition was made, the money was almost there. I didn’t wait again. I set off telling God, I must reach Kaduna anyhow Lord…
You see, I had reasons not to make that trip but faith isn’t always reasonable, infact, they go opposite ways


As I was saying, I had to make a stop to help pick some things somewhere, right there I saw God’s hand, the money was not only completed, one of the most difficult part of the journey which was bothering me was settled. I was taken down to the park where although I waited long, yet I made my trip “executively”. Today I’m back home and sharing this testimony for the first time exclusively.

When using my faith, this is what I do, two things
1. God will provide the money (let’s say it’s in area of cash now) which I need to meet this need
2. If the money doesn’t come, the need will be met by God anyhow.
I get myself to always believe this two and I tell you, it never fails, either one must work.

I encourage you today dear friend, God doesn’t know how to fail. Its impossible for Him to do. Can you, like a child, take the risk of accepting that what I’m saying is true and hold Him to His word.

Whatever you’re faced with today, it’s not beyond God. God can!
You just stand firm in faith and see everything turn for your testimony.

God bless you


Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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