Know the Place and Value of People in Your Life

From The Broadcaster

As we all live life and you’re out and making your life count for something already,

I pray the Lord grant you the stamina to stay strong and persevere under pressures, a hope to fight for, a vision/goal to pursue, a passion to pursue it, and above all, His Spirit to both comfort and illuminate your heart with His love that passes all knowledge.


Over the last 3-4wks now I have seen and being into other dimensions and physical experiences in my dealings with people which I have always prayed not to see, at least not this soon. Yet, not only have I seen them, I have had to stand in the midst. But thank God, He knows how to and always causes us to triumph. I am still standing

Our relationships with family, friends and even foes may have taken some turns and some of us may have had to bear certain heavy burdens we never thought possible, of others mostly, simply for the sake of being strong for someone and not being selfish.

Most times, you see so many personal emotional reactions from people who matter to you whom you would give everything for and you wonder, “Why then am I misunderstood when I react this way too.?” Everyone you care about can express themselves to you anyhow but when you do, they say you are coldhearted, not understanding or like someone will say, wicked…

I thought this through and right before posting this, a word dropped in my spirit:
When purpose is unknown or absent, abuse and error is inevitable.

As long as we know why we are together, either as families, colleagues or partners (friends), our values and respect for each other is strong. A man must learn to know why someone is in their life at this time and why they are in the person’s life too. The moment this person begins to see something else, that relationship will suffer a downturn and many will be hurt, regret will show up and pressure will appear.
Although these have all made me stronger, I wish not to go through them with anyone. I love my life contacts and know why I am around many even though that’s not reciprocated, I’m not worried.
The joy of life is knowing that you know your place and you’re functioning there.

I encourage you today to cherish the people you have the opportunity to know today, you never know how long you’ll have them . Fulfill the purpose of being in their lives, clear and avoid the errors, never get carried away by the fun or distractions of joyful relationship. And if anyone has no purpose in you, its fair to turn the other way. May God breath His love and life into your relationships today in Jesus name, amen.

Jesus is the greatest one we can be in a relationship with and also the greatest example for having a relationship, learn from Him and *First* be with Him.

God bless u

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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