Notes are always a time to express myself and it is good to see it that way. Be blessed and learn from this expression whose aim is to teach you.
I remember that very good evening, I and a couple of close friends, Gift, Faith, Passion, knowledge, Friendship, Reality, Wisdom, and others had gathered together at our little home down Regular lane.

We had another friend, Dream, visiting, who would pass the night with us. This would be fun, I thought.
We had all been too busy lately and had little or no time for each other.
Even though we loved each other dearly and had promised to stick together for life, we had gotten entangled with so much that friction had gotten in-between us. I had no job and earnestly needed one, this itself affected my fellowship with the others because I was becoming “idle”.
Conflicts and misunderstandings arose also because of this distance.
We had to kick out our neighbours Malice and Frustration the other day
Who in the name of trying to help, only fuelled the crisis by instilling despair in me. And this would have torn us apart forever.
So, tonight would be the big night, we thought. So much to catch up on, so much to heal, you know. And while we reminisced over the good old days, I remembered and understood what Father had told us
“You’ll all get it right, only when you find and stick with each other”. I smiled.
But as we played games, shared experiences, told stories and teased each other. I felt something else, a gap, a vaccum within. It felt like either someone wasn’t here that should be here or someone was coming soon into this circle of my life (You see, this here, is my life I’m talking about, figure?) Anyway, while I pondered over this, I perceived that the others felt it too. How it would come to be, we never knew. But one thing was sure, it would have me at the center of it. Then I fell asleep.

My Destiny Shall Not Die.jpg

In the center of a beautiful meadow sat a graceful damsel. Her voice echoed through the leaves and I felt they were calling out to me. As soon as I got close to this person, she turned around. Then I saw her face, “I have been waiting for you”, she said. When I saw her, I knew she was the one. She spoke words that made me feel butterflies. She was everything any man could wish for. Her beauty itself could send a man to war. And her glory would embolden the warrior. Her touch was fulfilment in reality.
It seemed like I knew her. I felt we had met somewhere before. There was this…connection, yes, connection, that’s the word. But from where did I know this, I couldn’t tell. And to ask, I couldn’t dare. Then she said, “My name is Destiny. You’ve always been drawn towards me. Every organ, tissue and sinew in you yearns for my reality. I am that void that you’re drawn to fill. We share a bond, you and I. And that is what pulls us together, it is our gravity.”.
While she walked me up the meadow of fulfillment. Or rather, we walked each other up. She showed me her place, she had prepared some things for me. But, I had to come before I get to have them.
“To get here”, she said, “you must follow Purpose to Goals”. I didn’t understand but still couldn’t ask a thing, I was captivated.
As I took in the entire scenery of the Divine beauty of this meadow I felt a nudge. Again and again came the feeling. I turned to make out what it was. Then a flash, a swift dash through the light. I opened my eyes, I was awake. I was back in my little room, no meadow and no nothing.
This was real, then it dawned on me, it had only been but a dream.
Reality had woken me up. She said Dream had just left and promised to keep in touch. Then I remembered that my friend Dream had been visiting. Reality added that Dream had said she would be waiting to have me over. And that in the soonest possible time if I knew what was good for me. As Reality spoke with me, we heard the honking of our car, Body, outside. “That’s Passion”, she said, “he is already on the wheels ready to go.” I quickly got ready.


“Any news”, I asked Passion, “why were you calling out to me?”
“I told my boss ‘bout you and he is eager to meet you. He wants you to come work for him. You know he loves to chase things and recently got a Life’s deal.” (By the way, Life Corp. was the most important and powerful incorporation in Cosmos. Their deals were long-lasting and would change for good whoever caught any one.)
I wouldn’t hear another word, into the car I hopped.
“Now, are we going to see the boss or are we going for the catch?” I asked. Passion laughed, “No office Bro,” he said, “One may call the boss any time but no one sees his face without the catch”. “That’s…okay,” I tried to understand, “So, what’s the chase?” He blew my mind when he said it, “Goals”.
“Goals?!”, I repeated in awe. Destiny had said I would find her through Purpose and Goals. I had thought that Goals was only a place where Purpose would take me. I never knew it was something I’d have to pursue. “But we can’t catch them without Purpose” said Passion who interrupted my thoughts.
“Who’s Purpose?” I asked. “Wow! Great guy,” said Passion, “I always lose my way, time and energy without him. I am in the dark without this dude. No offence to your place, but this guy is like a master wave-rider and way-finder. And guess what, he’s expecting you. Says you’ve been keeping him waiting for too long. And, men, he hates to wait.” He fired the engine and off we went in Body, the car.
Purpose was a good looking man of age. He looked full of experience and full of vigor at the same time. “This would be fun,” he said, “Man and all he bears within, Purpose and Passion inside good old Body”. I chuckled within myself. So this was what Destiny meant…
If not for me, man, passion would go nowhere. And if we both were without this asset, Purpose. We would never find Goals. And without Goals to catch, I have no hope of ever… (I fear to even think of it. O my dear Destiny). We would never reach my Destiny.
Reality would frustrate me when I got home. And I may never see Dream again. This was my one chance to find meaning. To find love and to find fulfilment. I was done playing…
Destiny, I’m coming!
James George ‘Hero’

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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