The secret to immortality, here, now

Sometimes, some of us wish we can live forever and be with the ones we love and cherish and never go

through the pain of losing them. But, eventually, we all come to accept that it is not so. Who must live as all must die.

for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return. Gen. 3:19b

I once heard someone talk about a recently deceased young man. I noticed some things while he spoke about this person in particular which got me thinking about our lives on this earth. Let’s not dare to forget that we are all on the clock here (our whole time on earth is short, very short, you know what I mean?) But quite not too short if you understand the deal. (Its enough time to start and finish everything you’re meant to do. Hope you’re busy?)

Well, that’s a by-the-way, now back to what this chap was saying about the deceased young man. I noticed all he said about this person was that the person could work hard. ‘If he comes to your house and finds it untidy, he could literally pick up a broom and do it for you…’, he said. And he added another line which I had also heard someone else say about the man too, ‘he got high and got drunk a little too much’.

Now, understand that this young man is deceased and gone, and yet we’re still saying one or two things about him. This means that he is actually being remembered for something. But again, is he being remembered well and is his memory worth it. I don’t know this person and can’t say anything about him more than what I heard. But I’d like to state clearly that everyone will be thought of and talked about after they leave this world. The only issue is this, will we live forever?

Of course, when we die we go into eternity either in heaven or hell depending on our relationship with God, intimate or distant.
Yet, talking about here and now, will we live forever in the heart of any one? Or will we be remembered simply because we could dress best, had the most expensive cars, was the most handsome/beautiful, was this or that, could do this or could do that… This list goes on. Living forever here is not in an elixir or a ring or a ritual or whatever that once taken empowers you to live forever. That’s not it. We are all gonna live through this life, sweet and sour as things may seem, and then we are all gonna die. Sounds hard, hope you aren’t scared already?

I believe the key or secret to immortality is encapsulated in this word: impact – the effect of our deliberate action or contribution in a life. True immortality is not that you’re always present physically. It is that even when you’re no longer there physically, whenever someone looks at themselves and sees the mark you made in their hearts (lives), you come alive again in their memories. For as long as the mark remains you are never dead, ever alive, this is immortality. That someone can attribute a change, an effect, etc. to you, this is immortality.

Now, this boils back down to the question, how are you living and for what, survival or for a difference?

There are two sets of people going through earth today. First, the survivors, who run through, fight through, manage through life to eventually reach a dream and make ends meet. These don’t care about making any difference, in fact, they expect your ‘difference’ to affect them. Secondly, the immortals, these live for something beyond themselves and beyond their now. They don’t care whether they are fired today or lose today, they are more concerned about providing a solution to lives (life in general, not just theirs). Think of the guy who invented the electric bulb, he was one of them. As long as we use bulbs here, there will forever be the memory, the tale and gratitude to that very ‘first man to do this’. Now that’s immortality. Or the stranger/friend who showed up at that dire moment of your life and made something happen for you that has changed your life ever since? Every look at this will make them appear even if they are absent. That’s immortality.

It begins with the discovery of one’s place in the cosmos, then the earnest pursuit of it with knowledge, one step at a time. It’s not about making much noise or becoming a public figure or being put in the Hall of Fame. It’s about being remembered for something special in the heart of a soul, not in the community or streets or politics alone but in men’s hearts and soul. They may change the name or work done in a street any time but as long as a hole remains in the heart, the borer will never be forgotten.

I chose to be more than a survivor in this life. I chose to live forever. I chose to make a difference. It may not be everywhere yet it will be anywhere I find opportunity.
Live, dear friend, and leave a mark worth keeping.
Just my thoughts though…
– James G

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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