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Some days ago, I asked a young chap to help me get some things from two separate rooms.

The rooms were locked so I gave him the keys to unlock the doors. He collected the keys and off he went.
He was very quick to get the first door open and what he wanted out. Then off he went towards the next door which supposedly was no different from the first door except for the lock on it. But, then I heard him struggling with the key and the lock unable to get the door opened. I knew that I had given him the right bunch of keys, and also supposed he was using the right key in the bunch. But the struggle just continued and the lock refused to bulge.
After a series of attempts, this young man gave up and came back to me. “It’s refusing to open, sir”, he said. I showed him the key for that lock and then asked him to go back and give it a try, again. (for the record, I was wrong to assume he was using the wrong key). He went back without any hesitation. But, after another bout of struggles with the lock, he gave up again the second time and returned to me.
This time, I decided to go with him myself and know what the problem was because the last time I checked, that lock was okay. But by the time I got there, I found out that the lock wasn’t faulty as I was expecting (I had actually made up my mind to really tug at it with all my might if it was stuck. Funny scenario actually. But it wasn’t stuck. Quite a relief, though). But, my teenager was the problem (or should I say he had created a problem that wasn’t there).
What had he done?
Well, he had actually inserted the key into the keyhole wrongly and so the key got stuck and the lock refused to give way. He had rocked it up and down all to no avail. So much strength had been exerted but no positive result. I had to first pull out the key and insert it again and, click, just like that, the lock obeyed and opened up to us. He happily went in and retrieved what I sent him to get but not after I had showed him why the door was refusing to open to him.
As I went back to continue my business, I began to ponder upon this little incident (something I always do when stuff happens: Try to always learn from every event whether good or bad. Weird, right? But, hope you will know today, that things don’t just happen, and nothing happens for nothing. Never forget that, yes: NOTHING HAPPENS FOR NOTHING. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS FOR NO REASON). Well, as I pondered upon this incident, a question popped up in my mind: What should I do when I don’t know what I should do? *Hope that’s not confusing?

What do you do when you know what you should be doing but at the moment (now), you don’t know what you’re doing? (Pause and ruminate over this for a while. I know that at first it may sound confusing but if you continue to think over it again and again, it will come to you)
Let’s continue. You can understand it better as we continue in this outline.

In life, we can get answers from some little and seemingly insignificant events like this one I shared earlier. Such answers are priceless. I don’t know it all, but I have only penned down what I believe. And I believe what I am about to tell you. What do you do when, like our little teenage kid, you know what you should be doing but are stuck and don’t know what to do to get there or make it happen? Look at this: You know that you should be somewhere better by now. You know that you should be someone greater than this by now. You know you should be achieving more, doing more, having more than you do by now. But it all seems like nothing you do makes sense. Nothing works; every effort, labour, struggle, all just doesn’t add up to even make the slightest push to that place yet. What should you do when you know what you should be doing, but what you’re doing now isn’t agreeing or in line with it?
The Bible tells us of man in the book of Ecclesiastes called the “fool”. This guy knows that he should be in the city but he gets lost, why, because he doesn’t know the way. – Eccl. 10:14 -15

Can something so little make so much difference? Why doesn’t he just find his way? Well, more often that not, people who go without direction do get lost. When you move without direction you’ll wound up in the wrong destination.
I believe you can achieve and be where you should be in life and destiny. Allow me to blow your mind a little. Having the knowledge of “there” is not all you need to take you there just as having the keys to your apartment (which you’re very familiar with) doesn’t grant you automatic access. They are very important and not negotiable, yet they aren’t all there is. Like my young teenage boy, if you don’t apply all you know and do it rightly- I repeat, rightly -you won’t gain access to your new environment where achievements and wonders awaits you. And you may be forced to beat the retreat you dread and give up on the goal you really love to attain.
Think about it. Don’t you feel like that kid sometimes? Don’t you get really mad and frustrated to know that what you need is just within your grasp but you are unable to reach it because of God knows what. You can’t tell what the problem really is. You try all you have the strength and knowledge to try, still no results. See how many times he gave up and turned back. In fact, the last time, he even left the key in the keyhole. That was the level of his resignation and frustration.
Remember that time you gave up and even condemned that idea, the very same idea which you once loved and believed in? It may just be that the problem wasn’t with the idea nor with your weakness per se. You just maybe needed to know how to apply the right key the right way. Yes, that’s it: “apply the right key the right way”.
This article may just be the key to the much-awaited breakthrough you’ve wanted so badly. The entire point is this: Change the method.

You may just be doing the right thing the wrong way. Don’t be like the fool who could see the city but stayed lost away because he didn’t or couldn’t find the way to the city. Your city awaits you. What you should do is already before you. Now, you just need to know how to do it. How to get it started. You’ve got to know how to prepare that presentation in a more appealing way than the way you’ve been doing it before now. You’ve got to know how to make that proposal in a much more attractive way. You have to find out how to study more effectively, how to prepare and attempt that exam one last time and for all. You’ve got to know how and then give it a try again. “How” is very important. Do the right thing the right way. There is the right way in which it must be done. You have to find it and do it.
“If any lack wisdom (the right application of knowledge), let him ask…”, God says (James 1:5- paraphrase mine).
“Ask… Seek… Knock…”, Jesus says (Matt. 7:7)
“Ask of me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know of.” (Jeremiah 33:3)

My point lies here: If you don’t open up yourself to know how, you may never know, never. We live in a day and age when information is power. Somebody is fired and another is retained. Before you start pointing fingers and shouting foul or politics, etc., do well to check. Maybe there is a know-how which one has to his/her advantage and which the other doesn’t have. In life’s battlefronts, some times, your greatest advantage may not be brute strength nor strong will and tenacity, but a simple knowing to outsmart your opponent.
There is the right way to do the right thing. What do you do when you know what you should be doing but don’t know what you’re doing now? Change the approach. Find a better way to try again. Find a better way to do it. Check where you’re doing it wrong. Stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result. The key and lock aren’t faulty, the application is.
Read books, get tapes and do all you can to get more information. You’ll discover in them a wealth of advantage. Frustration will dissolve when you discover the way. Energy and time can be conserved when you learn right application.
What, again, do I do when it’s all going wrong? Check the method and change the method. Seek for another better way. Let others who have gone ahead help you as they can see much more than you.
You’re an achiever, a winner and a potential model. Don’t give up on your destiny and don’t waste precious energy on the wrong approach.
Change and see change.
God bless you.-

© James George

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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