LET’S PLAY WAR (an excerpt) by James George

PhotoCredit: namraka; Children play war games on the streets

And so it begins as I run pen over paper
Our lives are an unending war
Flames lit as of a burning taper
Burning today. Burning every today
This wax never melts and nothing drops to the floor…

Let’s play war: our living dilemma
Take a minute of silence and consider
Those we succeeded in crushing as foes.
Was he truly my enemy who I called mine enemy?
Wasn’t he fighting for him as I was for me?
But our paths crossed and weapons were drawn
Shots were fired, I blinked, and the war had begun.

Let’s play war:
Every man is right in his own eyes
Rationality is said to be common sense
And this thought I see hard to come by.
Judge me! Judge me, and you’ll never know me
We’ll fight and die for our unawareness

Bones are crushed and blood for blood
Who’d believe this would lead to war?
We’ve made a vow to take vengeance
Boiling heat, boiling hate
Totally lost, totally lost
Men and children gunned down by guns
Now we only know the good times from afar
As we wave the days of peace bygone

Guns and sticks may break bones
But know that words sent can kill our very soul
He refused to give an apology
So you killed our innocent sons
She sought for a simple ‘sorry’
She took it lightly and I gave her scorn
O! Do you behold this thorn?

Let’s play war: it’s a senseless game
What’s the whole aim?
See how a handshake and signature
Of the suited lot can alter the course of it all?
They’ll never go for the war they declared
But they’ll send us in to mourn us still
The anger burns yet again and again
And the more I hurt, the more I’m hurt.

Elements and tools we’ve become
Pawns in the hands of a puppet master
Out for the game and against his Better
I thought I was fighting for me
And you assumed you were getting even
But O how we’re being deceived
And our intelligence greatly mocked

He never allowed us to know each other
We neither asked questions nor give answers
We thought we had no chance
Then because of him you aimed at me
As I also pounded on you for me
And together we destroyed the world we both dearly loved.

James George

Excerpts from my new work: LET’S PLAY WAR

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Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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