So I noticed a lot is changing about my writing lately. More and more poetic inspiration than usual keeps flooding me daily and now I get this overwhelming feeling that it’s what I need to do. So I have decided to embrace it and see where it leads. After all, God never makes mistakes, does He?

Someone is saying, “Um, Okay,” Yes, that’s right. Check out my previous poetry and let me know what your take is. I’ll appreciate the encouragement and sincere suggestions.

Okay, now to today’s deal as I was saying. I’m taking a shower and all I hear is “Walls” “Walls” running through my mind. I don’t get it at once but like tiny raindrops down a leaking ceiling, it soon fills my head and …boy, did I want to write this. It required a little bit of research through the history books and well, I do fancy good history myself, and so I did. The Berlin Wall was sought of a “core player” in guiding this writeup. But the message is simple: Our lives shouldn’t be built around by any walls. They limit us and don’t always represent the best of us to others who come. It makes faking easier.

I used a lot of pictures to explain (hope it doesn’t knock you off) by the way.

Well, enough for now. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you (drums rolling) WORLD OF WALLS!!! (and the crowd goes wild haaaaaaa!”)

Enjoy folks.

Once when people surrounded themselves with walls
There sprung up an unfortunate trend
A wall went through one people
And Like a sword through a man
It ruptured and wrecked their very core

This wall was called The Iron Curtain

It was a wall which separated people from people
Block work that made one people two
Like the belly of Hell the Death-strip lay there
And behind the Wall a highway of death

It stood on its lofty heights
The work of mere men’s hands
Painted on both sides by the prevalent lifestyle
A touch of red here and a touch of red there
Blood and wine: one people, two bands

But one day this Wall fell greatly
They got fed up and brought it down
They trampled it underfoot
And restored again the oneness of the land
One great land of one great people

You see, although they succeeded
In tearing down the divide
That was not the end
We destroyed what was destroying
But saw little what was coming

It was all before the Instant age (the i-Age)
Before men went crazy on waves
Things ran on wheels and wires before
Everything run on wires and waves now
People virtually live on my screen now

We went aboard the digital train to cover distant miles
We built walls to show how far we’ve gone to those behind
A new era begun and we sent the foundation deeper
You don’t need to be with me to know my state of being
If you can see my Wall you’ll see what I want you to see

But I fear this age of instant walls
created instantly and accessed at will
Opaque and translucent at once
Truth and lies: the colours and animations of intrinsic designs
Write on my wall if you can and paint it as much I allow

Once upon a time men cried out against a dividing wall
Now it is the applause of celebrities
Once we thought it separated peoples and hindered freedom
Now it is the billboard of elitist lifestyle
The dream and aspiration of the up and coming

Again, it is the destination of many seeking a thing or two
A getaway from the loneliness and boredom of their lives
Or of those seeking some kind of attention by giving it
Of many also, as before, seeking naive folks to defraud privately
People seeking quietness and a fruit in this Social garden

One sword went through a people once
Ruining and killing them from inside out
Now again it rises among the peoples of all walks
Will we take it to point and kill or sign in to rise and heal
We will give life or take it with what we do everyday on our walls.

James George

©James George


(Okay, like seriously, what do you think?)

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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