Father Speaks (Words from the Father’s Heart) – Mitzi Busby

I also choose to calm you. Be Still. Cease striving. You do not have to fix it. I Am in control.

The Father speaks to me through storms in the night…

“I Am your shield, my child. I cover you. I have loved you with an everlasting love. I rejoice when you rejoice and I note every tear. Have I ever failed you? I Am the God that heals you, rest in Me. Be still and cease this running in circles. You are getting nowhere with this striving.
You have known me since you were a child. I have been guiding you since the foundation of time. I Am the Truth, I will reveal these hidden things to you.

I will rebuild these walls. There is protection and security in these walls. There is a place to draw near worship. I hear your praises that rise up as sweet incense. I too, hear your deep cries.
The darkness will pass. Keep your eyes upon me. You will remember these trials, but only as a place where you learned of Me. “I love you, oh, how I love you.” I hear these words from you, my child. I Am whispering a gentle stillness to you.
Again I say, Peace be still. I have the power to calm this violently raging storm. I also choose to calm you. Be Still. Cease striving. You do not have to fix it. I Am in control.
I look down from My throne tenderly upon the cries of My children. You are mine, you have been bought with a price. I will carry you when life is too much to handle. Through it all, I Am holding you with My strong right hand. See, the winds are buffered. The rains have little effect except for their purpose to nurture growth and nourish life.

Though the world around you shakes, you are held in the Rock of Ages. I have placed you in the cleft of the rock and covered you with my mighty right hand. I Am the calm in the storm. I Am the One who gently rocks you in my love. Receive of me, My love, healing and steadfast love.
I will ever remind you of My love. You are not pressed beyond what you can bear. Allow the buffing process upon my wheel as I Am creating this vessel. You have come through the fire and are being smoothed and polished to reflect My glory. When others look at you, I want them to see Me.

You must trust my love for you. You know that nothing happens lest I allow it for my purposes. I will keep you in perfect peace. Even though you cannot fathom the depths of My love, one day, you will understand it fully.
I Am covering you with my love. I will refresh you and keep you.”With All of My Love,
Your Father


Mitzi Busby is a wife and mother to five children. She resides in the Southeastern US and has been a Christ follower for nearly 40 years. She writes as she journals what she hears from the Father’s heart.

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Other works by Mitzi published on This Chariot include:

*The Proverbs 31 Lady


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– James G.

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