Not Again (An intriguing story)

A book by Maria T. Henriksen

Maria T. Henriksen goes the unconventional way in this debut novel, Not Again, to address the challenges of teenagers and the possibilities available for overcoming it.

Now, available on Amazon, this book is not just a novel off the shelf. No, rather, it is a Spirit-inspired book that contact with will stir up something deep within you.

Here’s a brief description of Not Again.

You’ll have every reason to want to read this book, trust me!

“Christina De Rosa holds a potentially deadly secret that threatens to get out. As an innocent young teenager, Christina survives a terrifying detailed sexual assault that destroys her self-worth and trust.

Teaser photo for Not Again

“In her daily struggle, Christina searches for ways to keep her torment at bay, so she can function as a “normal” teenager. Meanwhile, Christina’s spiritual journey leads her down a path causing conflict within, as she’s riddled with guilt and shame.
“A chance encounter with her longtime, hot crush, Avery Evans, sparks a fire in Christina that she can’t extinguish. As the sweet, loving, knight in shining armor he readily portrays, Avery offers the safety and security that Christina craves.
In her quest for internal peace, Christina must make a decision. Will she give her heart, body and soul to the super popular, Avery Evans?
“Will Christina’s nightmares become all-consuming or will her discoveries lead her to a renewed way of life?”

Find out if true love triumphs in this edgy, faith-based young adult page-tuner, set in the 1980s.

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Not Again is NOT your typical Christian coming of age story. Fierce faith doesn’t come without a fight. Prepare for heartache, self-harm, traumatic events, real romance, and actual scripture in these pages.

Get Not Again, now available on Amazon here

I had the opportunity of having a chat with Maria T. Henriksen and this debut author is one humble and passionate woman. I learnt so much from her. Here is what Maria has to say about herself and her awesome debut novel Not Again:

Maria T. Henriksen

“Hi, I’m a debut author and I am super excited to have recently launched my first novel called Not Again. Not Again is a young adult edgy Christian romance novel that follows the spiritual journey of a young teenage girl during the 1980s. There’s real romance, actual scripture and lots of heartache as well as humor.

“I started reading young adult novels when I began to substitute teach because it was convenient to check out books at the school library. Before I knew it, I was hooked on reading that genre. I decided to combine elements that I like to read like romance and make it faith based with a literary flair. As a teacher, I can’t resist an opportunity for a teaching lesson as demonstrated by the various themes in the novel.

“Being a substitute teacher and parent of boy/girl teenagers causes me to be immersed in the daily struggles of teens. Life is messy and teenagers have their own challenges in navigating life. Not Again speaks to those struggles in a meaningful way.

Not Again

“During the revisions of my novel, I experienced a tremendous amount of physical pain and stress, including neck surgery. As a result, I found it necessary to employ coping mechanisms to get me through that difficult season of my life. In turn, I incorporated those same techniques in my novel. My hope is that my book will transform lives by it’s inspirational message, and not just the lives of teens, but adults as well.
Many blessings,

Maria T. Henriksen

Here are Maria’s social media links! Your support is greatly appreciated.

For inspirational & Christian content, you’re welcome to follow her on her various handles:

FACEBOOK: PurpleNchocolate




Maria’s Facebook Groups
She has started a really cool FB group. Apparently, groups are where it’s at in the FB world.

Maria’s groups feature Motivation Monday, Author Show & Tell Tuesday, Wellness Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Funny Friday, Sovereign Saturday, Scripture Sunday, heartfelt topics & so much more!
She would love for you to be apart of this warm, caring community.

If you would like to be a member of this amazing group, please answer the simple questions. Check it out here

Get the book, Not Again, on Amazon here

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