I’m about to launch a full functional devotional page for your daily word consumption and impartation…

I hope you’re doing well and making progressive strides through life everyday? I want to quickly appreciate everyone who’s been a part of my story this year 2019.

Those that started and those that joined later. You all have come to be a part of an amazing community that is spreading. Thank you and let’s keep moving together.

Some months ago, in the bid to take my writing assignment forward and more impactful, I decided to seek the Lord from whom my directive and inspiration come. And in the place of waiting on Him, He gave me a much more higher task, write daily for one year. I was like, What! I’ve never written daily in all my years as a writer. Not to now say for 365 days on a stretch…

Well, I did start on WhatsApp messenger app and I’ve been blown away by the numerous testimonies coming in. This is an indication that God actually organized these inspired words to answer the cry of His people. Glory to God.

Good News!

I’ve therefore decided to bring those devotional here to my amazing readers, you. So, while my blog will continue as usual, yet, I’ve created a special tab on the menu bar solely for My Daily Devotional.

So, everyday, you can expect to see something new on that Devotional category. Even if I don’t post on other parts of the blog.

What do you have to do?

  1. Pray along with me for expansion of this scope and the spreading of God’s inspired words to the four corners of the world.
  2. Make sure to come online so you can catch each day’s own devotional. Everyday will be unique in itself.
  3. Share with friends and encourage them to subscribe to This Chariot Blog for updates and further development.

So, let the journey begin. God bless you.

Don’t forget to hit the “Follow” button right down there to subscribe to all updates here, yo!

James George

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New Book Alert!

Looking for a very good book that can both entertain you while still keeping you faith-conscious at the same time? I, too, like to have a good read from time to time.

Well, I had an exclusive review of debut author, Maria T. Henriksen’s book, Not Again, a young adult edgy Christian romance novel that follows the spiritual journey of a young teenager… 

Check out the full review here

Not Again Now available on Amazon


Did you enjoy viewing this blog? Would you like for me to feature your own Christian poems, books or articles on my blog?

You can now send me an E-mail indicating your interest to write for This Chariot and I will tell you the next thing to do.

It’s that simple!

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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