The extent of what you can see is the boundary of what you’ll receive…


“Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, ‘Jeremiah, what seest thou?’ And I said, ‘I see a rod of an almond tree.’ Then said the LORD unto me, ‘Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.’ “

Jeremiah 1:11-12

Many years ago, as a young child, I fell very ill. While I took my medications, I just got worse instead of better. The fever just kept increasing and increasing. As I lay on the sick bed, I’d feel very cold and it would feel like I was covered by a thick blanket of darkness. My health continued to wane and the fever began to affect my mind. I began to hallucinate.

I would lie down and when I look toward the wall, it would seem like small scary faces were appearing and snarling at me. The sight was a scary one for me each time I looked. The more I looked, the more scared I became. And being too weak to leave the room, I’d lie down there muttering prayers and binding devils under my breath. Or if I couldn’t pray, I’d shut my eyes tight.

It took a while but I soon recovered. It was after my recovery that I realized that my hallucinations weren’t real one bit. I would have died out of fear of the “faces” on the wall which, when I later checked, were just different nail prints that had been previously driven into the wall. You see, my mind had taken what it had seen and created a scary image each time I looked at the wall. And my entire being had being paralyzed by the dread. I had casted out demons and witches for simple nail prints on the wall. It is a very funny experience for me.

As funny as my story might be, observe closely. Isn’t this a “thing” we deal with daily? Our eyes and what they see affect our entire perspective, our response and our productivity in life. Folks need to learn that, what we see and/or hear is more effective than we truly realize. What you gaze upon intently, your mind will grab. What your mind grabs, your soul ingests. What your soul ingests is on its way to your spirit and ultimately your whole being. What are you seeing?

Pray all you want and confess all the scriptures you know. If you can’t see (have the image) of what you desire, you may never reach it. Elijah told Elisha that if he could see him taken up into Heaven, he’d get the double portion of his anointing which he desired. Elisha did see Elijah being taken up and so got the double portion of Elijah’s anointing.

This teaches us that what you behold, you can become. What you stop seeing, you stop fighting for. What you don’t see, you don’t pursue. Why do you think the Philistines took out Samson’s eyes? They had taken away the channel (God was the source) of his strength, his hair. But, they knew that if he kept seeing, he won’t stop fighting (and his hair could grow back too). So they took away his ability to see. Do you see that now?

The extent of what you can see is the boundary of what you’ll receive.

James G.

To see means to have a picture of what God has spoken to you, which you are allowing to stir up a drive inside you to move. Seeing is what produces the steps of faith. Your physical eyes can’t function here, only spiritual eyes. Here, you see the Word come alive in clear pictures and it stirs something up in you, an energy that drives.

You know when God asked Abraham to look all around him, he couldn’t see more than a few kilometres. But, what God was asking him to do was to see with the eyes of faith. A faith that rests confidently on God’s integrity. God had said He would give Abraham whatever his eye could see. Well, Abraham saw well because he actually did inherit a very large inheritance.

Your fear is a result of your focus. Change your focus and you’ll be surprised as to how fear will disappear. Lock your focus into destiny, into possibilities, and you will discover what you never imagined you could do/be. You need to take some time out to just start seeing things. Start seeing the business, the marriage, the children, the contract, the miracle, the healing, the grace. You actually become what you see.

Athletes are not only trained in body but also in mind. They are trained to see themselves being able to run the race and win it no matter who they are contending with. This creates in them a winning attitude. The failure you keep looking, you’ll keep producing. The pain you keep looking at is the pain you’ll keep experiencing. The dark hour you focus on is the hour that may never pass. Satan knows this that’s why he is committed to making sure you don’t do this. But today, you’re saying no to him.

Look through God’s Word today and see yourself as who and where God says you are, you’re blessed. You’re lifted in Christ and seated with Him in heavenly places. You’re unlimited and unstoppable. You can do all things through Christ. You’re not a weakling. You’re bold and you’re strong. You’re beautiful and built for greatness. You’re God’s own person, righteous and holy. You’re great.

James G.

Open your eyes and see, see and arise!

Jer. 1:11-12 | Gen. 13:14-18 | 2Cor. 3:18 | Ps. 36:9 | 2Kings 2:9-15

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Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.


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