No evil message ever brings healing, freedom or progress. Rather, they take you back to where you were delivered from.


Numbers 13:30

And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.

Some scientists conducted an experiment on two groups of people some years back.

One group consisted of people who were sick of a terminal disease and the other group consisted of people who were fine and healthy. After a mock checkup the doctors pretended to carry out on them, they told the sick group that they were fine and healthier than ever. And they also told the healthy guys that they were sick with a terminal disease. They, therefore, put all of them under observation. While this went on for days, it was discovered that the sick guys began to get healthier and healthier whereas the healthy group began to lose weight and breakdown after the order of the infirmity they had been told they had.

From the narration above, you’d find out that information is a very powerful force. Whatever information people give attention to and take into their system will determine the outcome of their life’s experiences. Yes, it’s true.

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What is a report? It is simply a narrated information about any event, status, place or person. This can either be good or bad.

In order for you to grow stronger and be better, to go ahead and lay hold of what is yours in life and destiny according to God’s purpose and ordination, then you must learn shush (shut up) every evil report from around you.

What is an evil report? It is that declaration that contradicts God’s declaration. It is that information that puts a question upon God’s integrity. It is that information that comes to you and leaves in doubt, in fear, in worry and maybe even mad at God. Evil report doesn’t agree with the Word of God so it kills faith rather than boost it. You don’t want to be affected by evil report. It will turn you against God.
When you see people begin to through away what they once believed and held dear in God so that they can use their intelligence and their own schemes in dealing with life, just know that an evil report has been admitted.

No evil message ever brings healing, freedom or progress. Rather, they take you back to where you were delivered from.
You’ve got to chose what to heed, God’s report (good report) or Satan’s report (evil report).
Evil report will come to you as long as you’re on the earth. But you must learn the art of shushing them. Shush that friend who comes in the name of sympathy but only leaves you in doubt of what you believe. Shush that association that makes you think less of your faith in God’s word. Shush that voice that makes you see the integrity of God as failing and unreliable.
Is God reliable, always.
Is God faithful, forever.
Is God true, yes.
Is God coming through for you, surely.

But, you have a responsibility of surrounding yourself with Calebs, Joshuas, men and women, places and things that remind you of God’s integrity, His miracle working power, His word to you, His ability in you and your value. You’re not going to die. You’re not under s curse. You’re not a failure. You’re going to make it too. Maybe not today, but soon. You’re a winner. You’re not patching and trying to make it. You’re blessed and wired for success already. It ‘s in you. Nothing is changing that. You’re not a sinner. You’re not condemned in Christ. You’re not the bound seeking deliverance. Christ has delivered you from the power of darkness already. Your family is blessed and protected in the name of Jesus. You can do it. You can be it. You can go there. You’re getting there. Try again and again. Set your eyes on the mark and your heart on your Helper who never fails.
You are unstoppable!


This is the good report. It will do something in you because it is God’s words, living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword. It is the sword of the Spirit. Get it and surround yourself with it.
Shush the evil report! Stay away from its vendors, you’re not buying that lie.

Glory to God!

Num. 13-14|Heb. 4:12|Prov. 16:24|Prov. 4:23|Prov. 15:50|Phil. 4:8|Neh. 6|Jer. 50:43

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