Quitting some things maybe your best chance at having success sometimes…


And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

1 Cor. 6:11

When I began to observe the lines of my focus as a Christian, I realized that, I seek more to live and be a practical Christian that just a professing or professional one. I mean, I don’t want to walk in self-deception or denial, hypocrisy and lies. No, rather, I acknowledge where I am right now, then commit myself to the process to become who I am supposed to be according to God’s standard depending on His grace, love and power. And I stay patient with my process. Most people who don’t understand this may confuse it for complacency and lack of fire, but no, it isn’t. It’s a work in progress.

Perfection is built via steady practical work and walk with God, which is what I believe to do. I prefer to be that guy than become a public success who is a secret failure. Most of the time, we want to act the way we see people act, we want to act the church life; this works for a while but, truth be told, after a while, you get tired of it. You know why, because, something deep inside of you is missing, a true experience of God. And listen, the Christian life is ‘real’ life. It isn’t drama or faking. It isn’t showmanship. It isn’t a play or a profession. It is a life developed as a result of steady encounter with Divine life through the Word and the working of the Holy Spirit that builds a deep conviction and understanding in you, affecting your perspective and your entire life.

Without any form of controversy whatsoever, it is not right to just pick words and run with them. No, not right at all. That it sounds nice doesn’t mean it is right. That it worked for one doesn’t mean it might work for you. The ultimate statement that must be the foundation of our own staunch belief systems must be the word of God. I pray God will give you this practical understanding today.

Today’s title may sound a bit controversial but I’ll like to beg for you to humour me a bit. There is a saying that winners never quit and quitters never win. Of course, I know this is true. This isn’t about contradicting that at all. But, as true as it might sound, I’d like for you to know that every word will have value when they are placed within the boundary of context. If you get a word or words that you want to run with, there is still a need for you to get understanding after knowledge and then to move on to wisdom required to rightly put what you’ve known and understood into work.

By context, I mean you put the word in its rightful place.

To quit means to renounce, cease from, abandon or resign from a cause, an activity, a job or anything engaged in. Quitting is a choice, a decision you make, whether you are forced to or not. No one can help you quit anything. Quitting is what only you can do for yourself. And whatever you quit from is something you have been engaged with either for a short while or long period. It’s hilarious to think I can quit a job I never had. Imagine saying, “I just quit my job at The World Bank last week”. The first thing I might ask you would be, “When were you ever an employee at The World Bank?”. You only quit what you have once been involved with. Stay with me here, we’ll see the picture in a minute.

God has blessed and gifted us with everything we need for certain activities. The activities we engage with, no matter how tedious they are, if we find our joy, effect and fulfilment there, then we must continue engaging ourselves there. Those who are jumping from one place to another, trying different things and giving up when challenges come are the ones called quitters. The Quote therefore tells us that such people (quitters) never make it in the end. They may be at the right place doing the right thing, but their inconsistency will displace them from it. Such people never win. No fighter who keeps running from the ring will ever win a trophy. The trophy is the product of a contest. No contest, not chances of victory.
Isn’t that right?

But, quitting isn’t totally bad. Yes, you read that right! Why do I say so? You’re not going to always be where you’re supposed to be in life, do you know that? You’re not going to always be engaged with the things/people that bring out the best in you, and give you the fulfilment and peace of mind that you truly know you need in whatever you do. You’re not going to get that at once or so easily. You’re not going to always develop the best habits, company, and all at once, you know. Hence, if you’re engaged in the opposite, will you agree with me if I tell you not to quit?

Will you agree with me to continue working a job that makes you abandon your dreams? Will you agree with me to stay put in a place where you know you’re not supposed to be according to God’s purpose for your fulfilment? Would you ask me not to quit that secret habit that keeps robbing me of grace and virtue, and denying me from the freedom that Jesus gives? Will you quote to me not to quit making my parents, spouse, friends unhappy with my lifestyle, relationships and/or behavior? Isn’t quitting the best thing to do when I find myself in a wrong spot? If I don’t quit the wrong, how do I get the right?

Quitting worry, fear, strife, sinful thoughts and habits, ungodly relationships, excuses, laxity, unseriousness and their other family members is your best shot at success. You see my context now right?

In this context, you’ll agree with me that this quitter will win.
You’re quitting your fears today. Hallelujah! You’re saying no more to that sinful behavior. You’re quitting worry and choosing rather to be positive about life. You’re quitting that addiction today in the name of Jesus.

And remember, I said only you can quit for you. No one can do this for you. You’re going to have to tell yourself today that you choose not to do that thing anymore. You choose to be different from today. You choose to quit dirty talk. You quit selfishness. You quitting mocking others. You rather embrace the grace of God. You rather embrace love and power into your life today. You quit self-condemnation and you choose to start seeing yourself the way God sees you. Let him that stole steal no more. Let him that fought fight no more. Let them quit. Why? Because the Spirit of God is in you. And if He lives in you then you can and you will. Take your stand today and say, Satan, I quit being your pawn. I take hold of my freedom in Christ Jesus and move out of this position you’ve put me. I am out! I quit!

Stay in this grace today!

Eph. 4:14; 5:8; 6:23-27| 1Peter 1:14-15| 1Cor. 6:11|Phil. 2:13| Col. 1:29|Eph. 1:17-20| 1John 4:4 |Rom. 8:11-13| Gal. 5:1

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.


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