Ever been shocked by your own behavior before?


Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

Prov. 4:23

As a growing child, I had a natural tendency to experiment with every new knowledge I gained. I had a curious mind and quite very photographic too. Everything, from music to movies to art to wrestling, just name it. Once I saw it, it stuck to my mind and the next thing, I wanted to try it out on whoever and whatever situation.

I remember one very important scenario. I can’t forget this. That experience taught me to put the gauge on my tongue all the time. Here’s what happened. I had a cousin who had offended me. She did something I didn’t like and wasn’t even sorry about it. She had refused to apologize and that had gotten me totally off, angry. When I lost it, I spoke to her without regard even though she was older than I was. She had then threatened to deal with me. I laughed and I dated her to please try. I actually used a very vulgar word on her.

I was disciplined for what I did, but mostly for the use of that whole statement. It was a stuff I had learned from a gangster movie. I thought it was normal and had tried to use it. From that day, I made a sound decision that no foul word will come out of my mouth consciously, never again. And this I have done and never turned from since. It may cross my mind but it will never be uttered, no mater how upset I am.

People don’t understand what’s going on in your heart but they understand what’s coming out of your mouth. You see, as Christians, we need to start paying attention to some of these “little” things. People are not interested in what you claim, they are more interested in what they see you do. Your identity is affected by this as well.

Permit me to ask you some questions:
Have you ever done something that was very unlike you and that made you begin to question yourself? Has any one of your behaviors, actions or thoughts ever surprised you? Or better still, are you worried about the things coming out of you right now? Are you bothered and concerned because something is not just right with your expression (living) as a Christian?

Hear me, herein is the root cause: Your feeding. Yes, you read it right. There is a medical conclusion that people are what they eat. What they eat over time actually gets digested and circulates all over their body. Within a time, they actually ‘become’ what they’ve eaten. This is the same with our lives. The Bible tells us what happens to us when you give our attention to evil communications.

You can’t sit down listening to a song that is talking about betrayal and offences and not one day manifest aggression at something that isn’t there because you feel “betrayed”. You can’t be listening to a song that talks about violence, war and crises. One day, you’ll act it. Somebody is busy investing hours of their time watching soap operas and series dramas that project carnality and the world’s system of love; you can’t love like God by attending a class where you’re being taught to love like the world. The world cannot teach you the things of God.

It is easy to flush out something that entered you once. But, something that has taken root in you over a long time and after series of repetition can take a long time and effort to get out. Don’t you know that your flesh hates the spirit and the things that has to do with the spirit? Why do think you easily fall asleep and distracted in God’s presence than you do in a cinema? Why do you think your struggle with sleep disappears after the end of the end of the worship service? Vengeance feels good, so the flesh wants you to cultivate it and listen to/watch things that will help cultivate it. The flesh loves to feel good and stay proud, so it makes you focus on those things that make it stronger. It makes you comfortable avoiding those who’ll tell you the truth in love and correction. But it’s a trap.
The stronger you make your flesh, the more difficult it will be to control it. The flesh is a good servant but a bad master.

The things you see flying out of you is a direct reflection of the things you have flying into you. Whatever you give yourself to, you also give it influence over you. Even if it is small and harmless, it will take root. And once it takes root, you have work to do. Many people are saved but their minds and bodies don’t know. They still find themselves ruminating over the things that they know should be frowned at.

The right words will come out of your mouth when you develop the habit of listening to it and meditating on it. You have to learn to surround yourself with the right things, the kind of things you know you want to see and enjoy. This is practical Christianity. We have a daily task before us to keep our minds pure and consciences free of junks.

Dear Christian, if you must listen to, read or watch any thing, let it be something you can be proud to teach and give to the world. Let it be something you can discuss about both with God and man. Let it be something that will feed your inner man. Invest in your spiritual life. That’s were you should live from. Every time spent in prayer, in studying the word, in listening to a message, in praying in tongues is an investment into your spiritual stamina and growth. Buy a book. Get a podcast. Listen to a word by a teacher. Do so and show yourself approved, a workman that won’t be ashamed but rightly able to divide the word of truth.

Today’s devotion is more like a self-check. Check up on yourself. Reorganize yourself. Clear the junk. Sweep off the dust. Clear the shelf. Release your lives unto light and victory. You can do better. And you can be better.


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Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.


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