There might just be a teeny-tiny possibility in all these that the main cause of our biggest flaws, failures, loses and regrets is lack of God-guidance.


For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God

Romans 8:14

Ever thought of doing an inventory of your life’s decisions and moves so far? Have they all been quite successful as you’ve always dreamed or thought them to be? What has been the reason for most failings, set-backs, falling and regrets you’ve experienced? Can you place your hands on them?

There might just be a teeny-tiny possibility in all these that the main cause of our biggest flaws, failures, loses and regrets is lack of God-guidance.

What is God-guidance?
It is the system of being led and moved by God’s own GPS. God-guidance is the clear understanding of the direction God is pointing at a particular time, situation and place.

Our opening text tells us that God-guidance is the mark of sonship (maturity and usefulness to God). Being led by God is something God does through His Holy Spirit in us. You can’t be properly guided without connection to the Guide, and God’s Spirit is this Guide. – John 16:13.

This is sad but true, that many children of God make more decisions and choices in life according to people, motivational speakers, trends, fears and personal feelings than they make by what the Lord tells them. This is why we have a lot of angry, frustrated, desperate and agitated people all over the place. They moved their tents when they weren’t supposed to, simply because the weather was fair, and before they knew what was happening, there was the storm.

They felt there wasn’t any damage in venturing to investments all over the place. In fact, wasn’t it even the best way to secure your tomorrow? But, how wrong were they! Now, they are stuck, some brought to square one and some don’t even know what to do. Debts here and there, piling up with no hopes of freedom.

But these are Christians. Should this be the order? No, certainly not. But, when we follow the wrong path, we can not arrive in the right destination. Whatever direction you follow, you must arrive at the destination it leads.

But, it can be better, dear child of God. If you’re born again, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you and can guide you and save you from loss if you will pay attention.

How do you do this: ask to be led. Ask for direction. Ask for wisdom. Ask for what is best to be done. He sees the corner and knows whether you should overtake or not. He knows tomorrow and knows whether it will rain or not. But He wants you turning to Him for light for every move you make both now and later. – James 1:5

How does He lead you? He does so primarily through the inner witness. Rom. 8:16, the Bible talks about a witness, like how you know you’re born again. Like how you know something’s not right. God leads you primarily through such things.

You can read Numbers 9:16-23 for a good instance of the kind of life I’m talking about as God guides a whole nation via the special manifestation of His Holy presence (Cloud and Fire).

I urge you to decide that from today, you commit all your thoughts, plans, aspirations and pursuits to the integrity of God-guidance with the faith that you’re never going to loss another day of your life again.

You see that shame, that reproach, that regret, that loss that Satan wants to plunge you into through foolish movements, God is saving you from it this season through clear promptings within your spirit which you’ll understand and so boycott the losses, in Jesus name, amen.

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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