I want to help you realize that some of your biggest challenges may have come to you as a result of your sharing what you weren’t supposed to share with people you weren’t supposed to share them and at a time you weren’t supposed to share it.
Ask Joseph…


But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.

Daniel 12:4

I remember the story of Joseph in the Bible. How that he was the son of Jacob’s heartthrob, Rachel. How he was Jacob’s favorite among his sons, and how Jacob preferred and gave Joseph responsibility of his siblings out in the field. Everything Joseph enjoyed from his father was killing the unity in the family because it was what everyone craved. His brothers disdained him for winning their daddy’s heart so much. Yes, that means they are jealous of Joseph.

Although, it wasn’t Joseph’s fault that his father showered him with so much love because of his mother, Rachel. But, it would have remained a simple challenge of jealousy between Joseph and his brothers if he (Joseph) had not gone ahead to do something. Something we will look at today. What was that: He shared his dreams with the people who already envied and hated him! (Genesis 37:5-11)

In this life, many times, you think/feel everything and everyone is as simple as they appear, but that’s not true. Not everyone is as simple, innocent, supportive and loving as they may appear to be. Just like Joseph, your life that seems like an ordinary life filled with one luck after another (as some call it even if it’s more than that), is actually the object of another person’s envy.

I’m not trying to give us an enemy-mindset today. Rather, I want to help you realize that some of your biggest challenges may have come to you as a result of your sharing what you weren’t supposed to share with people you weren’t supposed to share them and at a time you weren’t supposed to share it.

In Hab. 2:2, the scriptures didn’t say to shout or say the vision, you’ve received. No, it didn’t. From verse 1 (one), you’ll see that every vision you get from God starts between you and Him alone. Visions are products of encounters with ‘high places’ or ‘watches’. It is not what you get by following the crowd. It is what you receive when you seek for and wait for it. Now, when it’s received, because it was you who received it directly, God expects you to carry it, understand it, nurture it and manifest it.

The first thing it says is, write the vision. It didn’t say to say it. He, God said, writemake it plain (clear and understandable), so that whoever may read it will run with it. Here’s the mystery of that scripture in this context: it says to write it down. When God shows you a dream, a vision or a goal to pursue. The first thing is not to start shouting it on the rooftops, no. You’ll attract unnecessary attention and confrontations which you’re not ready for.

Yes, it’s true, but, God expects you to do something with it, nurture it. Write it down and focus on it. Think over it. Seek guidance for it. Seek to be educated about it and to understand it better. Don’t be in a haste to see it happen. Rather, gather yourself. Learn and be trained. Pray and grow with it. This way, whoever comes in contact with you, burning with the fire of what you’ve received, will understand your communication and catch the fire too, running with it as well.

But if you decide to start shouting everywhere about what you carry, hate will come, tests will come, familiarity will come. You’ll be challenged to prove what you say. Then, because you only knew it in word and not in clarity, you’ll have nothing to offer. Daniel was told to ‘seal’ what he had seen. Daniel 12:4.

Conceive and protect your vision like a pregnant woman. She doesn’t go about announcing herself. Rather, just give her time and, boom!, you’ll see the bump grow. The pregnancy will announce itself and her. She doesn’t need to tell you the sex of the baby still. If you can wait for it, you’ll see it. People don’t need to know you plans or visions. Confess tour future to yourself before God. Share with partners God permits you to share with. Pray over it. But keep it. It’s ideal to shock folks with your results.

A city set upon a hill cannot be hidden. Matt. 5:14. A lion doesn’t need to roar for you to believe it’s a lion. It doesn’t have to prove anything to you. Time and chance will show you what it is.

Learn from these words tonight. It’s healthy to shut your mouth and not be in a haste to announce your destiny. Rather, gather the dreams, goals and visions, and nurture them with God. Let them announce themselves and announce you. You’re a great soul. You shall make a difference in this world because you are the light of the world through Jesus Christ. Receive wisdom for what to do to protect yourself and the vision you’ve been given, in Jesus name. Amen

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.

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