You may have the advantage of weapons but you may still lose the fight if you don’t know how to engage them…

Title: WEAPONS OF OUR WARFARE – Rightly engaging our weapons (2)

However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.

Matthew 17:21

What are battles? They are those things you are faced with that are out to take away your joy, peace of mind, rest, relationship and resources. Battles are those ugly experiences that life throws at you which you would never have asked for. The financial struggles, the health issue that has tarried too long, the pressure to compromise your faith at work, school or society, the addictive habits, the injustice, the segregation, persecution and so on. All these are examples of battles. Never desired and never enjoyed.

But, God’s word has shown us from cover to cover that when we are faced with battles, with Him we can count on victories again and again. His promises fill His Words up (as I shared on Day 46). At the face of that battle before you now, there is one thing I need to show you that will be key to rightly engaging. Yes, you can have all the advantage, but if you’re not engaging your weapons rightly, you may never come out victorious. You will only silence the enemy for another short while before a new circle starts. This is why there are sincere, God-loving Christians who believe Gods word, yet lose certain battles. This is not God’s will.

And so, you must realize today that all battles have only one thing in common, they are all orchestrated by the same enemy, Satan. Besides this, no two battles are the same as no two soldiers are. You and I may be facing a battle now, but our operation for winning may differ. It varies you may say. Some instances from scripture:

The disciples trying to heal a boy with all they knew but nothing was happening and Jesus comes to tell them in Matt. 17:21 that such kind of infirmity can only be sent out through the weapon of fasting and prayers. For this particular issue, fasting and prayers was the right weapon to engage.

The battle between the David and Goliath in 1Samuel 17 was not a battle of physical weapons as most people see it. Actually that battle was a spiritual one first before a physical one. I’ll show you how. What was crippling the entire host each time Goliath appeared? What was responsible for them losing their courage each time he spoke? How could one man hold an entire nation’s army to ransom for 40days stretch? And then lastly, when David approached him, watch the scenario of this battle. It was first a battle of words before a battle of swords. David wasn’t holding a sword remember? And Goliath didn’t attack him immediately. Instead Goliath sensed in the spirit that this guy was of the other side, so he cursed him in the name of his gods (this was a spiritual attack on David). Well, David sent his own too. The more he did, the more David replied. And if you check that conversation, David had the final say. Each time he used his, David would reply with God’s word (remember: “mighty through God ). David actually cut off Goliath’s head before cutting off Goliath’s head, how, with the weapon of God’s words in his mouth. Not the stone nor the sword, but the word. If David had chosen to fast there, maybe he would have died because that wasn’t the weapon needed at that moment.

What about Jehoshaphat in 2Chronicles 20 where 3 nations came to battle one nation. The odds were against them completely. But at the place of enquiry, God gave them the strategy. Prayer, fasting or talking won’t take them out. Your right weapon for this battle, let the singers praise Me. And that was all.

I could go on with other references but these three should suffice today. You have to know the weapon applicable for your engaging in any warfare before you.

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How to know what’s needed

It’s by turning to the Lord Himself who is the unbeatable Man of war just like Moses did by the Red Sea. At the face of a battle, crying isn’t the way out, neither is murmuring, complaining, denial or whatever. The first thing to do, turn to the Lord. Ephesians 6 teaches us to put on the whole armour of God: salvation, righteousness, the Gospel of peace, faith, truth, and the word of God. What do you do when you’ve equipped yourself with all this, verse 18 says to pray. Turn to the Lord in prayer after having examined yourself to know that you’re completely dressed in the armour of God.

It is in prayer that you ask Him for help, guidance and strength. It is in the place of prayers and meditation that you’ll create the atmosphere where your own peculiar weapon will be revealed to you. And once that’s done, believe me, you are just going to play the enemy off his feet like David did Goliath.

Are you facing a crises right now, take up the armour, turn to the Lord, make up your mind to wait on God for solution and answer to the need before you without any fear, worry or anger, but in faith. And as He promised in Jeremiah 33:3, He is bound to answer you.

This season, you’ll praise your way into victory, speak to enemies to their defeat, pray yourself into power and wellness like never before because you shall operate in higher dimensions of weaponry in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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Author: James George

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