Let every believer know this: although we are in the world, we operate out of this world. I don’t just mean in works but also in tongues. Yes, we are different


And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues;

Mark 16:17

One of the greatest wonders that I just love to behold is the wonder of diversity in the languages and tongues of men. I just don’t think there is an explanation to the technology of language communication among the diverse tribes of the earth. Our tongues distinguish us, separates us from each other, helps us identify our kin and helps us preserve our heritage. A very powerful wonder.

Besides our cultural or tribal tongue, we are in a world today where every group has a distinct language. You have the secular and/or urban dictionary where young folks throw slangs here and there. Strong words too heavy to be used by responsible adults fly out of the mouths of young people today as easily as the wind blows. It has so come to the point where we can’t even tell between what’s a joke or what is a statement from the heart. We can’t tell the difference between terms of endearment and insults anymore, and so on. Behold the language of the world.

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Yet, in the midst of this system that is taking over the world, let the believer know this: although we are in the world, we operate out of this world. I don’t just mean in works but also in tongues. Yes, we are different. Jesus says one of the signs of those who believe in Him would be that they would speak with new tongues. Yes, they’ll pray in the Holy Ghost, blast on in tongues like what started on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2, and the prophecy of Isaiah in Isaiah 28:11.

Allow me to let you in on this: to speak with new tongues may also mean that, believers will be people known for talking differently. Their language will be unique. They’ll be here but they’ll be identified by a new tongue. They won’t talk like the world. They’ll talk with a new tongue. This language is not learned here, it comes from the Spirit in them.

The way we talk must strike a difference everywhere we go. See how Paul puts it, Col. 4:6, “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.” So, when we speak, we speak hope, healing, comfort, direction, strength, health, peace, love, forgiveness, inspiration, salvation, etc. So that all who hear us will see light coming through our lips.

So, dear child of God, be careful to avoid companies, places or conversations that encourage you to speak the language of the world. Rather, remember your native tongue, the Kingdom tongue. It’s not defined by the trends of this present age nor the age group. Be careful to indulge your talking through careful selection of words in such a way that your hearers will know they just heard Christ through you. Do you remember the Apostles in Acts 4:13? After hearing them talk, they knew they had been with Jesus. Why, because now they spoke like Him.

You won’t say what Jesus Christ won’t utter. And if He won’t utter it, then you who carry His Spirit must learn to do the same. May we bless rather than curse. May we be of a pure tongue in a world where others are infected with evil in Jesus name, amen

Can you pray that the Lord will help you develop the tongue of the Kingdom and the ability to speak it into the world, thus driving men into the reality of the Kingdom existence.


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