If prayer is communication between man and God, then prayer is man’s way of touching God and being touched back… Read more

Title: PRAY

And it shall come to pass, When it is seen that Moab is weary on the high place, That he will come to his sanctuary to pray; But he will not prevail.

Isaiah 16:12

We do define prayer as the act of communicating with God. Rightly, we see it as such, yet, because of certain limitations in our understanding, the altar of the prayer lives of most believers are cold. This reflects itself when it is time to pray. We hear some hiding behind the ‘Hannah wagon’ (those who claim to be praying from their hearts without uttering words just like Hannah did in 1Samuel 1), some of whom, sincerely are not praying at all.

Even still, there are the other lot who just practice what Jesus calls, ‘vain repetitions’, like idol worshippers doing enchantments, ‘thinking they’ll be heard according to the many repetitions?’ (Matt. 6). There are others also, who struggle in prayers as if it is some kind of ‘job’. However, if prayer is communicating with God, then it has to be more than what we have been doing, don’t you think so?

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Communication involves connections. It involves touching and being touched. It involves sending and receiving of messages or signals. Hence, if prayer is communication between man and God, then prayer is man’s way of touching God and interacting with Him. It is man’s way of tapping into Divine dimensions and creating an opening for that dimension to find expression in his physical environment. Prayer is more powerful than you have known, and more still, it is something you can do as a child of God.

Here are some of the things praying can do for you:

  1. A place to pour out your deepest feelings, aches, thoughts, needs, and to off-load any burden in your heart, finding peace and rest. In other words, through prayers, we can create a secret place for God and us.
  2. A place where you can build intimate relationship with God as Father, Friend, Teacher, etc. This means that the more you are spending time talking to Him, the more you are being exposed to the knowledge of Him and building yourself.
  3. Connection to the power to implement and enforce God’s desire in your environment when you are not seeing it. Therefore, when I see anything in my life, family, home, friends, business, etc. that does not agree with what I believe is God’s, then through prayer, I have the power to change it and enforce the will of God for life. Do you notice how our opening text connects prayer to prevailing? Yes, we prevail through prayers.

So, the scriptures, in 1Thess. 5:17 says to pray without ceasing (stopping). That is, always praying. Jesus, in Luke 18 illustrated why men should keep on praying. The art of praying is not just to talk to God alone. It is to create an atmosphere for God to talk to you, for God to reveal His will to you, for you to know Him via His revelations, for you experience transformation, and for you to cause great change in your environment.

If it is something we should do without stopping, then it means that it is something connected to our living. For prayer is like a power plant. As long as it is on, things are alive; the moment it dies, many things will die as well. Isaiah 16:12 as stated above shows us that there exists a possibility where a man can go pray and prevail from the place of prayer.

Today, I set the motion for us. Go into the place of prayer today with a different approach. Now, I come to the Lord God, my Father (Matt. 6:9). Make it personal. Create an atmosphere where you are not restricted by anyone’s doctrine but by the expression of your heart to the only One who can heal it and offload the weight. If prayer is your powerhouse, then keep it running.

Father, ignite a fresh fire for prayer in my heart today and beyond, that will set me ablaze and make me a force to reckon with, in Jesus name I have prayed, Amen.

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