As we observe this sacred season of the arrival of Salvation to the earth through the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ; a season of hope, love, compassion, care and togetherness. It’s very important that we stand out among the crowd with a unique understanding which will influence the way we do our celebration.

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Sub-Conscious Us -2

‘ “Then death shall be chosen rather than life by all

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The African child
Made a victim under
Mother nature‘s chide
Upon which we all now must ponder
From dawn to dusk he’ll cry
Comfort he’s unable to acquire.

The African child
Long ago refused to die
Even when Dada and Mama died
Even when destiny seemed to lie
He still refused to die
Though his destiny looked lumbered
Yet his maker neither slept nor slumbered
And even when he hungered
Upon his future he did ponder.

The African child
Though found in the caves
And then taken through tide and waves
Into the slave’s place
His destiny was never enslaved
For his heart stayed sharp
Playing as a harp Making my hands clap.

The African child
Was called a slave boy
Even made a houseboy
Yet in all, he endured the bore
They called him the chimpanzee
And names from A to Z
Yet he refused to care
Nor did he fear
Cos he had the cure of fears
Even to the core upstairs.

The African child
Is a child depicting strength
He depicts wonder
True beauty in and beneath color
True display of inner strenght
To a very luminous lenght
Showing awesome power
More than a gun powder.

When it comes to leadership
He is always luminary
When it comes to challenges
He lunges readily
When it comes to hardwork
He lies at the frontier.

For the African child is luxuriant
And also yet luxurious
He is always lusty
Though sometimes he is lustful
Yet he is a braveheart
With an unwavering mind
“for a double-minded man Is unstable in all his ways
This is what the Bible says
But allow me to also say,
A trouble-minded man Always has a complain to make”.

Now take a look at
The strength of the African child
Forget his skin tone
Look at his strenght
Forget his phonetics
Or his past
But look at his strength
And see the range of honour
Beyond his own ethnics
“for how far you see Will i give forever unto thee And unto thy seed.”

God bless the African child.




She continues to speak


“See, I’m a living reality because of you. I’m here to pull down those walls with you. Do you know how hard it’s been for me? I mean, I love you so dearly, and to watch your life get harder and harder, and to watch you lose the ability to see or hope again, do you know how hard it has been for me?

I mean, to watch you turn into the type who works like the elephant anr survives like the ant…working harder and harder the more. Seeing you struggle through the storms, unable to hear my voice. Watching you choke under the circumstances and I can’t help you. Not because I can’t help, but because….you just won’t let me. You never thought I could do it. But, I could have helped, or…I would’ve, if only you’d let me.

I never stopped talking, or caring, or loving.
This has been the hardest part: watching you lose sight of me, the pinnacle of your destination and motivation disappearing into the distance.

Why? Because you thought you have arrived at a point where “We” weren’t a possibility no more. A point where you’ll eat everything and catch all the “fun” now, and let the future, your destiny I mean, sort itself out.

Those around weren’t there to love you like they should have. No one cared enough to give the gentle nudge in the right direction. I tried hard to come around, but…you kept pushing me away. You became more and more detached from love, from yourself, and from my reminders and promptings. And instead of letting the flames we both kindled to stay alive, you let it die by giving in to a life of despair. A life without hope, without divine purpose, without love, trust,…without me.

She sighs

“The passion we both shared was a motivation to others. Everyone was proud and I was grateful for being attached to you.

Now, here I am, locked up at the center of your soul, covered in the dusty memories of a beautiful past. And all I hear from you are complaints upon complaints, and how you couldn’t do, how you couldn’t be , and how you couldn’t have. How nobody is there for you, and how somebody did this or that to you…

You were meant to be a high achiever, a success together. You have greatness, gifts and talents, you’re not touching or even thinking about yet.

The problems you claim are too big and impossible to conquer… They are all beneath your personality.

Your answers, your fire, your passion, your power, they are all within you. I’m willing to help you if only you’ll listen and give in to the force stirring within your Spirit… YOUR DREAMER WITHIN.

Watch out for the part 2 of the Gbó Oun(Listen to the voice) series titled: MY ORDEAL-WHEN NO ONE SEEMS TO UNDERSTAND



The pains. Keeping the faith up. Coping/overcoming the pains. Dealing with the cause-in hatred or in love.


[NLT] Hebrews 2:18 Since he himself has gone through suffering and testing, he is able to help us when we are being tested.

I may not know everything or feel everything, or have I felt everything, that you are going through, or have been through.

But here is what I know:
I know what it means to lose a parent at an early age.
I know what it means to be raised by a widowed mum that wasn’t always there.
I know what it means to live apart from your immediate family and most loved ones.
I know what it means to hunger and thirst.
I know what it means to lack.
I know what it means to leave school and be delayed cause of fees.
I know what it means to lose people you love most to wicked forces.
I know what it means to lose a loved one because of the bad company they kept.
I know what it means to lose something or someone you’ve been protecting and guiding for a long time.
I know and I feel…

But I also know what it means to be loved by those you have no ties with.
I know what it means to have everything you need whenever you really needed it.
I know what it means to be in Christ Jesus in God and to have the company of the Spirit always. These three in one has been the reason I am who I am today.
I love those who have hurt me and I pray one day that they come to find this light as I have now.
I have love for those who took my loved ones away from me.
I don’t intend to take vengeance. I forgive them like God forgave me.
I have learnt to trust God with my all and He has never disappointed me. Even when I thought that He actually did, it was working out for something much more glorious for me.

Like I said earlier, I may not know everything.
But I know this for sure That God gives comfort to His own.
He knows how to deliver those who trust Him.
He is never late for those who are faithful.
And He is always available to those who diligently seek Him.

I may not feel what you’re feeling or have felt, but I know someone who does.
He is touched by the feelings of our infirmities.
He promise to never leave nor forsake.
He promise to forgive the repentant.
He promise to heal
He promise to mend
He promise to deliver
He promises and He performs
He doesn’t know failure; for there is no failure with Him.
Hang on in there. It wont take too long and your change will come. And when it does, it will be like a dream because it will beat your highest expectation.

I don’t know it all…
But I want you to know this
Your destiny lies ahead.
Keep your head up.
Do not let your background to put your back on the ground.
Do not let where you are now to hinder you from getting to where God has designed for you to be.
Stay strong and you’ll come out with wings.
Hold the light and cling on Him.
You’re meant for great things….
Nomatter what you’re going through now, if you stay and keep the faith as you move on, you will reach

Embrace the comfort only God can give.
Walk in the light only found in Him.
Put your treasure which is safe in Him.
Never give up or give in.
Never allow the circumstances you find yourself in to change you into the monster you hate the most.
Allow the faith and testimony of the saints and those who once walked this path to encourage and keep you going.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t look down or back yet.
Keep going, praying, trusting, and believing this:

You’re loved.


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