The Proverbs 31 Lady

She receives all that He has promised. She is not afraid or discouraged because the Lord Himself goes before her and is with her. He refuses to fail or abandon her…

She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future (Prov. 31:5).

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As we observe this sacred season of the arrival of Salvation to the earth through the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ; a season of hope, love, compassion, care and togetherness. It’s very important that we stand out among the crowd with a unique understanding which will influence the way we do our celebration.

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Notes are always a time to express myself and it is good to see it that way. Be blessed and learn from this expression whose aim is to teach you.
I remember that very good evening, I and a couple of close friends, Gift, Faith, Passion, knowledge, Friendship, Reality, Wisdom, and others had gathered together at our little home down Regular lane.

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Listen as she speaks…


“I’m always near you. When I open my mouth, you know me. I am the one behind your life’s navigation system. I have influenced your decisions at most points of your life.

But lately, you’ve avoided me, neglected me, and treated me like…I’m not there at all. You gave up on me as you made one wrong turn after another, searching, seeking, looking to find what you once held so dearly; love, purpose, peace, joy, and fulfillment…me.
I’m that force that keeps giving you hope; the dreamer inside of you. I make you see the stumbling blocks as stepping stones. But then…you let go and you gradually slipped away.

You put on a smile upon your best clothes. You open up your arms wide to draw all close. Because you seek attention, love, purpose… But, Hey! I’m here. Can’t you see me again. Please take off that mask and see, listen to me again…you know, like you used to. Please be yourself. Just be yourself!

I remember back in the days how we used to be the center of attention. Oh, how big were the plans we had back then. Yes, we were fully aware that there would be obstacles for sure, but, boy, were we young and our hearts bent on reaching for the stars.
Wow! We made a great team, you and I. And it was very obvious to everyone.

I know I should have said this long ago instead of letting things go this far. Now, here you are, standing alone against Jericho-like walls and unable to scale through; walls we onced scoffed together and overcame with so much enthusiasm and fire in our eyes.

Wow!!! Have you become so overwhelmed that you can’t even remember?

She continues to speak…
(To be continued)



The writings of James George


The second dimension we will look at is
THE FELLOWSHIP OF LOVE: This fellowship centers the fellowship of sharing, service, encouragement, etc. It is the essense of our living as sons and daughters of God. This (love) is our identity (John 13:35).

The feloowship of love is and will remain the life of our brotherhood; and Giving is the order or expression of it. This fellowship involves sharing God’s word with others, forgiving the sins of others, interceeding for others, mutuality and involvement in the life and situations of others. This fellowship finds fulfillment in making the lives of others much better.

The fellowship of love puts self behind; it is selfless and born(made possible) only when the light has penetrated and is now the base of our living. (Gal. 6:2, Phil. 6, 1st John 4:8, 1:3, 6, James 4:3).

And then we have
THE FELLOWSHIP OF SUFFERING: Please understand in this context that this suffering is not the type the world understands because it is beyond them. Only spiritual can get this because it is a spiritual truth.

This suffering is the crown(fulfillment) of the saint. It is not the state of being in pains or distress caused by uncontrollable events or happenings.
No, this suffering is the constant exercise or testing of our faith, obedience, and passion as believers; this gives us fulfillment and a great sense of spirituality. This was the kind of fellowship the Apostles and early believers were bathed in.
This dimension is expressed when the saint has been possessed by his love for Christ. It is what Christ lived through here on earth. It is the life of passion where a man finds joy in sacrifice because he is aware of its blessing on others and on his future. This fellowship is a fellowship of choice. A paradox of life which the ordinary man never fathom or accept.

“As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.” -2nd Cor. 6:10.

The world can never understand this, and sadly, neither can some believers. This deep dimension is not one we can run from; Christ paid for it and we must walk in it. This is where we can fulfill our destiny, no where else. (Matt. 19:16-29).

The fellowship of suffering is not the life of poverty, or of lack or sickness, etc. No, it is the call of strong faith, great wealth and success, eternal rewards, life and power, both here and in eternity.

Those that will understand this most are those believers in anti-christian environments who experience daily persecutions. It has become their glory to give their lives for something so precious to them:Christ. This is who they live for, live in and is ready to lose their lives for. (Phil. 3:10, 1st Cor. 4:9-16).

Build up yourself in these fellowship with God. Seek Him through the Holy Ghost. Let Him bring you into deep intimacy with Himself and you’ll never be the same again. You will laugh at the face of challenges because you will be reigning over from the seat of Christ’s victory. (Job 5:6-8, Rom. 8:37)


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