My Hope of Glory

There are some things you catch and you can’t just help but share and hope someone will understand. Well, I will try to share this one in a just a few words:
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YEARN MAN (Poetic Expression)- James ‘Hero’ G

Why am I not afraid? Why am I sure am not?

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Notes are always a time to express myself and it is good to see it that way. Be blessed and learn from this expression whose aim is to teach you.
I remember that very good evening, I and a couple of close friends, Gift, Faith, Passion, knowledge, Friendship, Reality, Wisdom, and others had gathered together at our little home down Regular lane.

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The Bible says you are the apple of God’s eyes. You, as a person, will never allow anyone or anything to touch your eyes.
-It’s essential for sight
-It is treated with care and utmost value.

Now, consider this: apple of God’s eyes, what are we using his eyes to see, good or bad? That stands as the number one thing we have to follow. Look at and see the right thing.

Also, as you treat your eyes with care and perfect value, have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “All these years, has God allowed his eyes to go unkempt?” No, rather, it’s been you in your ignorance that hasn’t acknowledged this care. (Deuteronomy 32:10, Psalms 17:8, Lamentations 2:18, Zechariah 2:8)

Get out of the corner of ignorance and take your rightful place. The Lord loves you. The Lord cares for you; you are precious. Cast all your worries on Him. (1st Peter 5:7)


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