My first published article written when I was 11, on SUCCESS LIFE MAGAZINE


I walked, walked, and walked
I walked and became tired
I fell, got up and continued.
I fell again and couldn’t get up
I saw a man who helped me up
We both became friends
And along life’s path walked up
But I did wrong in His eyes
And He left me all up
To continue the journey up.

I felt it would be easier being alone
But, it was the most difficult being alone
Then I fell again, and I couldn’t get up
I repented, and wished someone could help me up
Then I felt a hand on my shoulders
I looked up, behold I saw a man
He was the one I first saw
He told me I could count on Him
Whenever I was in need

We both became friends again
And I forgot the past
I felt a heavy weight
Was removed from me
Because I felt very light
I regained strength
And could well continue my journey
This time not alone nor on my own
And whenever I needed anything
I could always count on Him.

He said unto me “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Now, I know I can count on Him
Because He always never fails
You know who He is?
His name is JESUS CHRIST

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