Love, Lust and the Young (February 14th)

Tomorrow will be February 14th (or as for those of us on the forward side of time, you’re already there), so (let the drums roll) Happy Valentines Day!

And like years past, let love be in the air; let the cupids fly; let the rings be exchanged and roses bear more significance as they accompany gifts and sweet romance. For some, this will be the time to “prove” love. Hearts will beat faster and blood will pump more forcefully than normal. This thing called “love” will bear many definitions.

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Mark 12:29-33

Mark 12:29-33

And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is

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How many plans we tend to lay out
How many we end up leaving out.
We fall in and out of life’s course
Just because we fail to stop
And listen to the voice of our dreams.

Ask Joseph, and he may tell you,
“It was the dreamer that was my driving force
Through the ups and downs that I went through
Until I entered the throne room
And everything got settled. ”

You too can achieve anything
If like that bright little child
You would dare to dream and chase again
That child that nothing could deter from this chase
Who only saw himself an achiever.

Just make a stop!
Reflect! And…listen
Listen to the voice of the dreamer within.

Listen as she speaks

To be continued…


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