Faith, a Personal Conviction

The Writings of James George

Good evening dear friend, it’s 9:32pm here in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. Tonight, this cold 23rd night of Dec. 2016, I want to share a short message which is also a testimony. I hope it inspires your faith to enter into God’s reality for you too.

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Lord, I continually set before you,
My requests and all my needs
With thanksgiving I come unto you,
My concerns unburdened to thee

I wait for your intervention, Lord,
In quietness of soul and mind
And worship at your footstool,
Leaving my cares behind

And Lord, I express my thanks for you,
For all you are to me,
I thank you, Lord, that I matter to you,
Though at times, I cannot see

Because of the circumstances in life,
The things that I go through,
I find my eyes are on the storm,
When they should be looking to you

So help me, Lord, each precious day,
No matter what life brings me,
To carry on with hope and faith
And to rest in you with peace.
© By M.S.Lowndes

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers.


My first published article written when I was 11, on SUCCESS LIFE MAGAZINE


I walked, walked, and walked
I walked and became tired
I fell, got up and continued.
I fell again and couldn’t get up
I saw a man who helped me up
We both became friends
And along life’s path walked up
But I did wrong in His eyes
And He left me all up
To continue the journey up.

I felt it would be easier being alone
But, it was the most difficult being alone
Then I fell again, and I couldn’t get up
I repented, and wished someone could help me up
Then I felt a hand on my shoulders
I looked up, behold I saw a man
He was the one I first saw
He told me I could count on Him
Whenever I was in need

We both became friends again
And I forgot the past
I felt a heavy weight
Was removed from me
Because I felt very light
I regained strength
And could well continue my journey
This time not alone nor on my own
And whenever I needed anything
I could always count on Him.

He said unto me “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”
Now, I know I can count on Him
Because He always never fails
You know who He is?
His name is JESUS CHRIST

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