Listen as she speaks…


“I’m always near you. When I open my mouth, you know me. I am the one behind your life’s navigation system. I have influenced your decisions at most points of your life.

But lately, you’ve avoided me, neglected me, and treated me like…I’m not there at all. You gave up on me as you made one wrong turn after another, searching, seeking, looking to find what you once held so dearly; love, purpose, peace, joy, and fulfillment…me.
I’m that force that keeps giving you hope; the dreamer inside of you. I make you see the stumbling blocks as stepping stones. But then…you let go and you gradually slipped away.

You put on a smile upon your best clothes. You open up your arms wide to draw all close. Because you seek attention, love, purpose… But, Hey! I’m here. Can’t you see me again. Please take off that mask and see, listen to me again…you know, like you used to. Please be yourself. Just be yourself!

I remember back in the days how we used to be the center of attention. Oh, how big were the plans we had back then. Yes, we were fully aware that there would be obstacles for sure, but, boy, were we young and our hearts bent on reaching for the stars.
Wow! We made a great team, you and I. And it was very obvious to everyone.

I know I should have said this long ago instead of letting things go this far. Now, here you are, standing alone against Jericho-like walls and unable to scale through; walls we onced scoffed together and overcame with so much enthusiasm and fire in our eyes.

Wow!!! Have you become so overwhelmed that you can’t even remember?

She continues to speak…
(To be continued)


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