You know, some times we wish our ‘issues’ were a bit lighter, we’d bear them in good faith.

The challenge then is when it is like mine takes on a new face when it comes and I begin to suspect God or that life obviously has something against me.


You know, as a young person, I can tell you this can be quite frustrating. As if you are in an entirely different world. Or maybe, you are an entirely different being (this feels more negative than positive most of the time)

But, recently, as I began to ponder over these things, new light came. I saw them in books and understood the point in real life. May this help you see what you face more differently from today.


I realized that : Things are going to happen to you, react to you, be different in your case, not because of anything other than this: It’s you!
I mean, everything happens and will happen even if it’s you because it’s you. It’s different because it’s you. It would be a totally different ball game if it were someone else.
Learn to understand the uniqueness and distinction of your challenges. Learn to see your worth, your value, in them. Do you know that the kind of challenges you go through says a lot about you, about your destination and how much of a threat you are?
Most times, we ask, “Why me? Why did this or that have to happen to me?” etc. But, the question shouldn’t be “Why?” Rather, it should be “Who am I? What kind of threat do I pose?”
I believe this: You are a big deal. One of a kind. You are awesome and worth fighting. You are worth contending against. You are worth tackling and fighting. Do you know that your success and destiny will change a lot of things? And changes never come without a fight to break out of the norm.
Accept and allow the picture of your destination to drive you, the inspiration to keep fighting and the hope that you will beat every confrontations before you on your way to destiny.
Don’t give up. You are tougher and so much more than you know. Your challenges measure your value. Big you means big challenges. A tough destiny will not have a smooth terrain. Think about this…C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_9812052

Author: James George

Hello, I am James George, a passionate teacher of God's Word; that writer who believes in the balanced communication of God's word in simplicity and clarity as the tool for making destinies and shaping lives.


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